The Brand Brainstorm is designed for small businesses and solo-preneurs who've outgrown their brand and feel it doesn't reflect their business anymore. Or for passionate start ups in need of finding their brand vision and getting on the right path.

The Brain Brainstorm will help create a vision for your new brand, or improve on an existing brand.




Your business is not the same as everyone else's and I would not dream of restricting you to a 'one size fits all'! These packages and what they deliver are a guide to help you understand what can be achieved. The outcome of the Brand Brainstorm will focus on giving you the best advice and proposals for your specific requirements. Your business is unique and the 'best fit' is a tailor made solution specifically for your business needs.

Before taking the plunge I recommend scheduling a quick chat to see if we're a good fit and talk through your business aspirations. I will help guide you to the service which best fits you. We may find you already have an awesome brand (and you don't need me!).


I've been in the industry for over 20 years and I have a broad range of design experiences. Design services can range from business stationery, online adverts to high end glossy brochures. I create Infographics which are designed to present complex information quickly and clearly. 

I manage the full printing process including giving advice on the best stock and finishes to help elevate your print product.

Feel free to pick up the phone or ping me an email to chat through any design queries you have.