Have you lost the way and felt your brand doesn't reflect you or your business anymore? No worries, I'm here to hold your hand.


I'm Floss and I provide small businesses with tailor made branding and design. I’m passionate about helping businesses find their unique brand vibe, I work very much in collaboration with you to get to the heart of your business to create the ideas and a vision to move you forward.

Consistency is vital to building a strong brand, consumers trust brands they recognise and the results you get from working with me is a cohesive look across your visual communications which fit your business needs, attracts that ideal client and leads to profit.


"Thanks Floss, I particularly loved the Brand Brainstorm session as I  came away with a clear vision of my brand and suggestions & practical steps to move forwards"


I studied design and communications at the University of East Anglia. Once I was out in the big wide world of work I moved up the design ranks from junior designer, senior creative to studio management working within big corporate brands.


With my background in studio management, I pride myself on scheduling, project management and client facing skills and deliver my work in a timely and professional manner - and most importantly of all I’m a good communicator.

Having been in the design industry for years I feel I have an all round and in depth knowledge of the creative process and can offer a full range of the usual design services, including 'Designer Day' whereby we schedule a whole day dedicated to your to-do design list ie; templates, social media graphics, adverts, ebooks etc.


Not sure where to start? Schedule a quick chat to discuss your business aspirations, I will help guide you to the service which best fits you.

"Floss has the ability to connect with people in a warm and empathetic way. This made it great to work with her. I also felt her rapport enabled her to 'read' me and my business more closely and then, more quickly come up with a new style that is working so incredibly well."



...if you fancy receiving useful tips about how to make the most of your branding.


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