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Brand Brainstorm & brand design

Starting off with the Brand Brainstorm strategy workshop, where we dig deep into the heart and personality of your business, your ideal audience, your messaging, your passions, stumbling blocks and any future goals. We collectively work on mood-boards which show the visual direction your brand will take.


I'll use the outcome of this workshop to create, build and implement a cohesive brand identity which aligns with your business and makes an impact to attract that ideal client.


Elements often include a family of logos, colour palette, font pairing, patterns, image direction and brand guidelines to help you launch and keep your brand consistent as you build upon it.


Brand Brainstorm & bespoke branding starts from £3500


Bespoke Branding

Working together we'll get to the heart and personality of your business, brainstorm and create ideas to deliver a direction and an awesome brand identity you can be proud of!


The Brand Brainstorm workshop is essential before racing ahead with any creative design. By focusing on this deep dive strategy and collaborative approach first, we really gain clarity and get to the heart and direction of your brand vibe, this gives me the solid groundwork to create, build and implement a cohesive brand identity. 


This approach will give you the clarity to work on your website content, copywriting, social media presence and photography.


Branding & web design

You get all the benefits of the 'Brand Essential' package plus I'll work with you to understand your specific website needs and work with my team to create a custom, brand cohesive website which meets your requirements. 

Brand Brainstorm, branding & website starts from £4500



Design Days

'Design Days' is a really productive way of dedicating a full or half a day to clear your design to-do list.

Ideal for businesses who have their branding up and running, but struggle to find time to get round to that long list of items, whether it's worksheets, freebies, sales funnel pdfs, presentation templates, stationery or branded infographics for social media, we can work through a tonne of stuff!


It's a great way to ensure your collateral is designed consistently, professionally and on-brand. And by giving your brand one-on-one attention over a whole day means we can produce far more stuff than you would normally if working on ad-hoc design projects (which we know can often spread out over a long period of time!).

£400 half Design Day / £750 full Design Day 



Your business is unique and the ‘best fit’ is a tailor made solution specifically and accordingly to your business needs. These packages are a guide to help you understand what can be achieved. We may find from the outcome of the Brand Brainstorm your brand requires other design elements to improve consistency and marketing.

Other ways we can work together could include brochures, packaging, exhibition design, Infographics. My contacts and suppliers can also help with photoshoots, copywriting, SEO and content to help market your brand.

Not sure where to start? Schedule a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call to discuss your business aspirations

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