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Are you guilty of shiny object syndrome?!

Do you get distracted by shiny new things, especially within your work and your branding?

With Canva providing a wide range of templates, graphics, colours and fonts to choose from, you can have a jazzy new social media post each week…Yay I hear you say!

However, doing this could damage your on!

If you show up each time you post with a new jazzy style, font or colour you’re actually in danger of looking random, erratic and inconsistent.

For those who know me I’m passionate about consistent and cohesive branding. ….in fact I’m a bit of a ‘brand nag’.


We need to understand things fast because we are suffering from information overload; we consume five times as much information today as we did twenty/thirty years ago. So we need to look memorable in this raging sea of information as we scroll through social media.

The brain is always looking for shortcuts to avoid deep, deliberate thinking, so brands which are more memorable provide attractive options for making decisions when faced with a choice.


You can be memorable by being consistent with your branding. Customers trust brands they recognise and you can do this by giving them a consistent steady look across all your communications and social media posts. By doing this over time your brand will feel more dependable, will build brand awareness and you go onto develop trust and loyalty with customers.


By sticking with the same brand colours, fonts, image style on every post and all your channels of communication consistently you’ll find customers will begin to associate your colours paired with your fonts and your style of photography as your brand.

You become recognisable and your customers will stop scrolling to hear what you’ve got to say or offer, ideally they click through to your website and they see you’ve been consistent with your brand colours, fonts and photography, they’ve not had to make deep deliberate decisions to know they’ve arrived at the right place because you’ve subconsciously made that journey easy for them.

If creating these posts consistently feels repetitive and mundane… it actually means you’re doing it right.


Having a confusing random brand adds a mental obstacle for your customers, who may subconsciously believe you’re unpredictable, that you’ve not invested in your business properly and therefore why should they invest in you. The more consistent your branding is - over time the more your brand becomes memorable, feels more dependable, which in turn develops trust and loyalty with your customers.

Unsure how to make your brand consistent?

Call me to discuss how I help businesses consolidate their branding - schedule a 20 minute discovery call where I promise to be a 'Brand Nag'!


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