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Don't let your logo do all the heavy lifting!

As part of my ‘brand aftercare’ I check in with previous clients to see how things are going and to feedback on how they’re using their new branding.

I’d previously worked with Mel Larsen of the Dream Project Coach and I’d created her a bespoke hand-lettered logo which she loved and felt I had captured her energy in font format!

She then went about updating her various online communications and business stationery with her new logo, however I felt she wasn’t fully utilising her brand, colour and fonts consistently and that she had become guilty of Shiny Object Syndrome’!

I’ve known Mel many years now, I was immediately connected to her quirky style of business coaching, she has a way of making your big dream goals become less daunting and she teaches techniques to make them more achievable. I’ve attended her workshops, online mini-programme and I’m a member of her online ‘Turn Your Vision into Results’ group. So, I felt I knew Mel well enough to feedback where I felt she was going wrong and how she could tweak areas of her brand to make it work smarter and harder for her.

So I gathered a screen grab of all her social media posts to show her how erratic her brand looked when collectively viewed! I explained how she needed to maximise the power of her brand, to be more consistent and to not just rely on her logo to do all the heavy lifting!

Mel’s style of coaching is that she likes to share with her clients what she’s learning herself, which means she’s transparent and on this journey with you - as part of this she invited me to do a 'live' diagnosis workshop in her ‘Turn your Vision into Results’ group! During this session, I showed her (and the group) a "before" and "after" and immediately she could see that by being repetitive and consistent it made a big difference and the brand looked more professional.


Following this session, I designed Mel some Canva templates to help keep her social media posts consistent. She’s already noticed an upturn in online engagement as her followers start to recognise and associate the colours, fonts and imagery style as her brand.

I love working with Mel and I’m sure we’ll be collaborating again. I recently completed her online mini-programme, which helped me re-focus on my goals and avoid some common business mistakes. It’s a self-paced course so I did each module over a coffee break; I highly recommend it if you’re a small business or freelancer who is feeling a little overwhelmed!

Work with Mel and Floss

Grow Your Business - with Mel’s mini-programme, Small Business, BIG Dream. Using 7 Powerful Questions you can avoid common small business mistakes and instead get clear on how to get more clients, cash, choice and contentment:

Maximise the Power of Your Brand – don’t just leave it for the logo to do all the heavy lifting, if you’re unsure how to make your brand consistent get in touch with me for a 20min discovery call


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